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Casual elegance for all styles.



When we think about Phoenix and Scottsdale, two words come to mind: casual elegance. That’s exactly how we think about the fine jewelry we select for our store. It has to not only meet our exacting standards, it has to be what we consider jewelry for the everyday. Your everyday. It has to take you from day to night. It has to be comfortable, yet chic. It has to be unique, but not over-the-top. In other words, it has to fit your lifestyle. The lifestyle we’ve come to love about living in our magnificent area. A place that we all call home. And, feeling like home is exactly the way we want you to feel here at Schmitt Jewelers. If you love fine jewelry, you’ve found the perfect place to shop. Why wait? You can browse the fine jewelry we carry in our store now! 

Live Life Colorfully

Yes, we love all things fine jewelry. But, we have a particular love for colored gemstones. In fact, so much so, we’ve won some pretty impressive awards from the American Gem Trade Association. There’s just something about color – especially in the world of fine jewelry.Colored gemstones have played an important role in the myths and legends of history. Some tell a story. Some are believed to behold special powers. Some colored gems have been treasured since the beginning of time, while others have only been discovered in recent history. From rings and pendants to bracelets and earrings, Schmitt Jewelers can help you select the perfect colored gemstone piece. And, if you can’t find it here, we’ll search the world to find it and create something uniquely you. Because the right gem and color on the right person is more than remarkable. It’s more than style and sensibility. It’s legendary.

award winning fashion jewelry

All About Colored Gemstone Jewelry

We’re passionate about exotic, vibrant, colored gemstones of every hue and shade. In fact, we have one of the most spectacular collections of colored gemstone jewelry in Phoenix! Colors range from the stunning shades of blue and turquoise, reminiscent of the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, to the vibrant orange and red Phoenix sunsets to the hues of the Grand Canyon. Colored gemstones are our specialty and we love sharing what we know about our wide selection of gems. Learn More Here

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We Love Our Designers

One of the things we’re actually most proud of are the number of unique fine jewelry designers we represent in our store. Designers like Lika Behar, Luvente, Jude Frances, Simon G., JB Star, Spark Creations, and Three Stories Jewelry to name a few. We actually pride ourselves on carrying designers you won’t find in most other stores. Who’s looking to wear something you’ll see on someone else? Right. We thought so. If designers are not your thing, but design is, then you’ll want to consider our own designer line: Exclusively Schmitt. One-of-a-kind fine jewelry we’ve created right here with our own artisans. Exclusively Schmitt. Exclusively for you. 

lika behar jewelry
Lika Behar

Lika is an acclaimed designer who creates unique and intimate works of art. Her hand-wrought designs in 22 and 24kt gold and oxidized sterling silver are inspired by ancient civilizations and the Mediterranean. Her collection includes gemstones of extraordinary color that reflect ancient history as well as modern spirit.


Hand-crafted by artisans, the LŪVENTE collection encapsulates life’s most cherished moments. Designed for sophisticated buyers who have an appreciation for the finer things in life, LŪVENTE will capture your imagination and adorn you in luxury.

JudeFrances jewelry

Led by founder Jude Steel, JudeFrances Jewelry offers something for every woman in every stage of her life. The collection combines classic elegance with on-trend shapes and styles. Featuring signature hoop earrings and charm concepts to stackable gold bangles, long layering chains, pendants, and stylish cocktail rings, JudeFrances will allow you to create a style distinctly you.


A glance, a touch, a moment — a love story can begin anywhere, anytime. The Fana love story is no different. The family behind Fana holds a rich tradition of creating elegant jewelry for sophisticated clients that goes back several generations. Their legacy merges a love for craftsmanship, elegance and timelessness of fine jewelry with modern styles that can be worn every day, regardless of the occasion.

JB Star Jewelry
JB Star

With a passion for precision, JB Star is one of the premier and respected leaders of magnificent fine jewelry craftsmanship. Every JB Star creation is hand made using only platinum, 18kt yellow and pink gold. The quality of the gemstones are exceptional and without compromise. Unique creations designed for the most symbolic moments of love proudly designed and manufactured one piece at a time in the USA.

Spark Creations jewelry
Spark Creations

Spark Creations has been a leading creator for the most beautiful precious jewelry since 1972. Their designs capture the essence of fashion trends by consistently using the highest quality diamonds and exceptional rare gemstones. Spark Creations is recognized for its elegant style and spectacular one-of-a-kind pieces. 

three stories jewelry jewelry
Three Stories Jewelry

Three Stories Jewelry is our newest designer line. The jewelry is designed by a trio of women and meant to invoke a story, memory or preserve a moment in time by those who wear, give or receive the collection.