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With the holidays fast approaching, you may have a few things you need to tuck away. Don’t let your special someone spoil the surprise due to a faulty hiding spot. Instead, check out these five places to store jewelry, accessories and other small gifts.

    Your Kids’ Bedroom – If your kids are older, discuss with them a secure location in their room where they’d be willing to store the jewelry. In a toddler’s or baby’s room, make sure the hiding place is up high and somewhere your better half won’t be getting into anytime soon.
      A Medicine Bottle – Have a prescription with your name on it that you’re no longer using? Properly dispose of the medication and stash the precious gift inside!
        Storage Totes in the Basement or Attic – Chances are you’ve got some storage totes in the basement or the attic that won’t be needed for quite a while. Choose one carefully and place the jewelry box beneath some of the contents.
          Rolled-Up Socks – Your partner might look through your sock and underwear drawer, but they probably won’t unroll your socks. Pick a pair that you don’t necessarily need until after the holidays, carefully roll the gift up inside and store it in plain sight.

            A Hollowed-Out Book – Either buy an old book from a thrift store or choose one from your shelf that you don’t mind parting with. Using scissors or a razor blade, hollow out enough of the pages to fit the piece of jewelry and stick it right back on the shelf.

            You don’t have to go all-out to lock up a piece of jewelry in order to keep it hidden from the special someone you plan to give it to over the holidays. With a little creativity and a desire to create anticipation, you can store the gift somewhere nobody would ever consider looking.