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This time of year just feels special. For us in Phoenix, it means we finally get to dust off our winter clothes and pretend we experience the same blustery weather as most of the United States.

Maybe it’s the hot cocoa or evenings curled up fireside, but the warm and cozy weather brings out a sense of kinship among us. It encourages us to reflect on the relationships we have, how fortunate we truly are and how much we value our loved ones.

The short-lived wonderful winter weather in Arizona just pushes us to savor this season even more. To us, giving a gift represents the togetherness and memories we make this time of year. A gift is more than something to wrap up and place under a beautifully-lit tree, it makes a moment permanent. It is a sign of love, care and compassion.

With this in mind, we created “A Piece Worth Hiding” – our winter campaign dedicated to celebrating all the nostalgia and happy memories of this season. We believe that A Piece Worth Hiding means something you’re proud of. It calls to mind the exciting feeling we get when we hide something away and the joy of a surprised face when it’s found.

What you are gifting is special. You’ve spent time, hard-earned money and put sincere thought into what piece your loved one will cherish most. Our wide selection at Schmitt Jewelers has been hand-selected to appeal to a variety of tastes and styles. Our jewelers know the right questions to ask you about your loved one to help find the perfect piece.

Come by this holiday season and discover A Piece Worth Hiding … just make sure is doesn’t get found before it’s meant to! Think carefully on where you plan to hide that little box away so the surprise isn’t spoiled. Let us know, what are your favorite hiding spots?