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The Schmitt brand is so much more than shiny gems and precious jewels. Behind every beautiful ring, bracelet or timepiece is a story, and these stories are what set us apart. The Schmitt family name thrives on the eccentric, the quirky and the one-of-a-kind. Simply put, we’re driven by people who are Unlike Any Other.

Take spine physician Azmi Nasser, for example. Azmi has had multiple custom Schmitt pieces made for the woman he lovingly deems “his everything.” His favorite: a delicate necklace with three diamonds representing three important facets of their story together– a birthday, an anniversary and the birth of their second daughter. Azmi is one of many who have gone to Schmitt in search of a custom piece worthy of an extraordinary woman.

Tommy McKone has known our family for more than 20 years, and naturally came to us when he decided to pop the question to his high school sweetheart, Jenny. Tommy loves that we focus on family, which made it easy to select a ring that encompassed everything he feels Jenny is.

“She’s known me for 14 years … she knows me Unlike Any Other. And I knew the minute I met her in high school that she was Unlike Any Other.”

Phoenix Board of Visitors Associate Director Judy Schubert also wears Schmitt pieces with special meaning, such as the cross necklace her husband had made for her after she underwent surgery for breast cancer in 2010.

Schubert is an extremely active member in the community and works with us on charities like CareCard, a retail fundraiser running from October 28 to November 6. She’s now hard at work planning PBoV’s 102nd annual charity ball and fashion show. Schubert said our community focus makes us Unlike Any Other.

And while she loves to treat herself and her children, she also loves the Schmitt pieces her husband has treated her to over the years.

“Our 50th anniversary is coming up,” she says. “And I’d love it if he’d shop at Schmitt again!”