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As artists and creative visionaries, Kelsey Dake and Chris Rushing know that truly evocative design has the power to communicate a message in a manner Unlike Any Other. The newly engaged couple lives and loves with this philosophy, together and apart.

Kelsey, 27, has made a name for herself in the worlds of illustration and animation with colorful, eccentric pieces that have been featured by Wired, Variety, Nike and GQ.

“I draw inspiration from actually experiencing life,” she says. “So much of what I do has to be current and relevant, and you can’t do that
without actively consuming culture and experiencing the things around you.”

Kelsey says she is drawn to Schmitt’s caring nature, a quality that also attracted her parents to the brand. Now she has a handful of standout pieces from Schmitt to match her unique personality, including her bold emerald engagement ring.

Chris’ trailblazing artistry is a perfect match for Kelsey’s. As a multidisciplinary art director and brand designer at BuzzFeed, Chris says his
art thrives on honesty and people – two of the Schmitt’s strongest values.

“I really like Schmitt’s attentiveness,” he says. “Every time I worked with Schmitt they were so genuine and honest; they had a human touch.”

A love between two artists is bound to be a bond Unlike Any Other – and Schmitt has provided the cherry on top.