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“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you unique.”
- Elizabeth Taylor

Well said, Ms. Taylor. Jewelry has extraordinary power to make you feel amazing. Special. Stunning. And a piece of custom jewelry – made especially for you – allows you to experience all of these things, and more. Nothing defines luxury more than a custom piece of jewelry, whether it’s a specially-designed engagement ring or an everyday diamond drop pendant. Custom designed jewelry is inspired. It’s creative, fun and stirs your emotions. It’s you.


Custom designed and manufactured jewelry can begin with a simple curve, shape or object. Something in the universe appeals to your senses and you just know that you have to have it. Or you may already own a piece of jewelry that you wish to change or update; maybe you inherited family jewelry that doesn’t quite speak to you, but is sentimental all the same. Or your original engagement ring is due for a makeover. What better way to create and enjoy something than to wear it? Even if you haven’t quite formulated exactly what, or how, you want to wear a piece of jewelry, this is the beginning of the creative process. Schmitt Jewelers’ designers and creative team will help to define what will be special to you. We’ll ask you pertinent questions regarding your likes and dislikes. We’ll talk shape, color, design elements…all the important details that help identify your perfect piece of jewelry.


One of the greatest surprises about custom jewelry is that it can be realized for nearly every budget. Want a classic, gold solitaire gemstone ring for under a thousand dollars? Done. Ready for a re-designed engagement ring using your diamonds for a few thousand dollars? Delivered. Or are you celebrating a lifetime milestone and the sky is the limit? We’re on it. Schmitt Jewelers – regardless of what budget range you are working within – is always conscientious of the price of your custom jewelry. It’s important to us to provide you with a detailed estimate of what your project will entail, and what you will pay for it. No surprises, no added fees. You’ll know upfront what to expect and when to expect it. This is our commitment to you; Schmitt Jewelers offers an incredibly fine product and impeccable customer service in an honest and friendly manner. We’re not in this business to sell you one piece of jewelry. We’re in it to be your jeweler for whatever your jewelry needs are now and in the future.

Once the price of your custom jewelry has been approved by you, Schmitt Jewelers proceeds to the physical design process. We may provide you with CAD renderings of your piece, or show you the components to be used to create your jewelry. A resin or wax model of your item may be prepared to show you its exact size and shape. And finally, your jewelry will be cast or built in metal, gemstones will be set, and your jewelry will be finished, polished and appraised.


When you slip your new jewelry on your finger, around your neck, on your ears or around your wrist, your uniqueness shines. This moment is what you’ve made it – with a little help from us – and you deserve it. Wear it, love it, cherish it. Your custom jewelry says a lot about you, and that is amazing!