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Yes, REALLY, every six months!  It may sound like a lot of visits to your jeweler, but think about what your jewelry goes through in six months….1,450 handwashings, 336 loads of laundry, making school lunches, deadheading geraniums, changing diapers…need we say more?  Your jewelry gets a work out and needs regular inspections and cleaning. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to have a close relationship with your jeweler:

Wear and Tear – Like the cars that we drive on a daily basis, we put a lot of ‘miles’ on our jewelry every day.  Which is not a bad thing; wear the jewelry you love everyday and enjoy it! Jewelry is made to be worn, but your items do need to be inspected by a professional regularly to keep them in tip top condition and to avoid costly losses or damage.

Your jewelry is made out of metal and/or gemstones.  While these materials are fairly hearty, they can still wear and break over time – and they often will.  Just like an automobile, wear and tear is part of a piece of jewelry’s lifespan. Some jewelry will last literally a lifetime, yet other pieces may only last a handful of years based on the material they are constructed of and the type of wear they receive.  The metal and stones in your jewelry get bumped, knocked around and come in contact with a variety of substances in the regular course of a day, so it’s a wise decision to have them inspected regularly.

Jewelry Servicing – Your car needs regular service and maintenance, and so does your jewelry! Metal tips and prongs should be checked every six months to ensure that your gemstones are secure, and the gemstones themselves need to be inspected to determine if there is any damage or wear that needs to be addressed.  Your jeweler will advise you as to whether a repair needs to be completed immediately or if it can wait a few months. It’s often easier to correct a small issue while it’s small, rather than wait until the issue becomes larger and possibly more expensive.

Mindful Care – Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles.  Like clothing, some jewelry styles simply wear better (and longer) than others.  A delicate, thin ring will wear more quickly than a chunkier style. And the way you wear your jewelry also affects how often it needs repair or replacement.  Here are a few tips on how best to wear – and not to wear – your jewelry:

  • Remove your jewelry before you shower or bathe. The chemicals in your soap, shampoo and conditioner can take a toll on your jewelry, as well as the extra wear the jewelry receives while bathing.
  • Choose not to sleep with your jewelry; we know you love it, but the tossing and turning you do in your sleep can translate to ‘excessive wear’ for your pieces, thus shortening their life span.
  • Store jewelry pieces separately to avoid knotting and tangling.
  • Leave your jewelry at home during your work out.  Gym weights and equipment can be tough on your items.
  • Last but not least, visit your jeweler AT LEAST every six months.  They’re ALWAYS happy to see you, and your jewelry ☺